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Nachi Waterfall, Japan

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    Deep in the mountains of Kumano, at the Yoshino-Kumano National Park, Japan, an area between the middle of the Kii Peninsula and the sea of Kumano to the south, the landform is very craggy.
    The access in the area for most of the people is extremely difficult; the thick forest and the relentless rain made it even harder. In ancient times, this place was considered a mythical and fabulous one, a home for all the legends…


Such a vast and charming region as the Three Mountain Shrines of Kumano, including Nachi, Hongu and Shingu was definitely hiding something spectacular. Or at least, that is what people in the 10th century used to believe.
They were sure that somewhere deep into the mountains, the mystic Buddhist paradise is waiting to be found.
    The legends say that if a worshipper comes to the Three Grand Shrines to pray, he will be able to enter the paradise where he will attain salvation. During that time, the place attracted pilgrims from member of the Imperial Families, but many ordinary people come too.

    At only 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Sea of Kumano is the Kumano Nachi-san Mountain. Evergreen trees, over 48 waterfalls, steep slopes and a rich history are just some reasons why is Nachi-san mountain so famous among the visitors. The Nachi waterfall, also called Ichi-no-Taki which means “The First Fall” is the largest waterfall in this area: a 13-meter-wide flow, 133 meters (436 ft) and one ton of water drops flowing down every second… 



    It is the highest waterfall in Japan, limiting the waterfalls to only vertical-dropping ones. There are two main viewing areas: the lower one and the upper one. Each of them offers a different perspective and impress in its own way.
A short distance from the waterfall is the Nachi Taisha, one of the three Kumano shrines and the Buddhist temple Seigantoji. The Nachi Taisha is one of the most popular destinations for pilgrims and travelers; everyone is impressed by the natural beauty of the temples and falls.

    The Falls Nachi, Wakayama Prefecture town Higashimuro Natikatsuura county takes Nachi river falls. "Ichi no Falls" and a drop in the 133m, and boasts the largest single waterfall in a national head. Kegon Falls, which is counted in Japan with three names Fukuroda Falls waterfall.
Has been designated as national scenic spot (1972 July 11, specified, specify the name "Nachi Ootaki "). In July 2004, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Pilgrimage to sacred places in the Kii Mountain Range" was registered as a part of.

Quick info
Height: 436ft (133 meters)
Water volume: 1 ton of water flowing every second
Number of drops (tires): 1

Travel Tips
    From Kii-Katsuura Station or from Nachi Station take the bus to Kumano Nachi Shrine. It costs 620 yen/ one way ride (4.4 EUR) and takes 30 minutes for Kii-Katsuura Station and it costs 480 yen (3.7 EUR) and takes 20 minutes from Nachi Station.
    A bus departs at every 45 minutes, but it is a good idea to start the trip in the morning in order to have enough time and enjoy your experience. The bus stops at Daimonzaka Trail too and at the entrance to Nachi Waterfall. At the base of Nachi Shrine, it is a ten minute climb up (several stairs) to the Nachi Taisha and Seigantoji Temple.
If you chose to come with a car, you have the possibility to skip the stairs: you can access a parking lot next to Seigantoji Temple.

Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

33°40'19.2"N 135°53'27.6"E
33.672000, 135.891000



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