Pioneer launched at IFA Berlin 2013 First GPS with augmented reality
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Pioneer launched at IFA Berlin 2013 First GPS with augmented reality
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Augmented reality, more and more used in our daily life as a useful tool to guide, interract with new latest gadgets and keeping us up to date.  

For those who doesn't know what augmented reality means, here you have the definition:

" Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data."(Wikipedia definition)


We have a lot of examples of Augmented reality now and probably you even don't know.
Every time you oppen your Nokia Windows phone  -"Nokia HERE Maps" can display different points of interest from the reality trough your mobile camera directly on your phone.Same technique is used in iPhone Maps, Google  Maps, etc.



"Nokia has released an update for Here Maps on Windows Phone devices that integrates its augmented reality LiveSight location app". (
Recently Pioneer added something new in this "Augmented reality field "  with the world's first car GPS with augmented reality HUD.

We've seen augmented reality, and GPS with augmented reality, but we haven't seen the two combined at the front of a car's windshield.
A pair of Cyber Navi rigs from Pioneer promise to change all that, using an add-on, laser-projected heads-up display from MicroVision that shows driving directions just above the road itself, making sure that you focus on what's in front rather than squinting at the LCD off to the side.
If you do need to look at that LCD, however, you'll get yet another augmented reality view if your car has a camera up front, more detail about the route and a new speed limit sign alert system.

The Cyber NAVI mounts right on to the car’s sun visor and projects an augmented reality heads up display in front of the driver almost like it is right on their windshield. The latest version of the Cyber NAVI includes a number of advanced functions to support a comfortable driving experience.
The AR HUD View function displays information in the AR HUD unit, such as information about the route and the distance to the car in front of you, in an easily understandable way.


The AR HUD View function will display augmented reality information that is useful for driving and relevant to the given situation. The AR HUD has three View modes:
HUD Driver Mode – Displays info about the distance to the car in front and the route to your destination by arranging the information in an easily understandable way.


When the vehicle stops at an intersection or a traffic light, the Driver mode will automatically switch to display useful information such as the guidance direction and the names of the next three intersections.
The unit also detects red traffic light signals and displays a corresponding icon. Once the AR HUD unit detects that the traffic light has turned green, or that the car (or the car in front) has started moving, the display will automatically switch back to the HUD Driver Mode.


HUD Highway Mode – When the car merges onto the highway, the AR HUD unit will switch to the HUD Highway Mode.
You’ll get relevant information such as the distances and estimated transit time to exits, and information about Service Area and Parking Area facilities, while also getting the road status and using different colors to indicate congested sections.

The AR Scouter Mode displays clear, easily understandable navigational information using unique video technology to analyze video images that are recorded through the windshield by the AR HUD Unit. This guidance information includes:

    Speed Sign Detection
    Longer Lock-on Range
    Lane Change Detection
    Guidance Arrows
    Red Traffic Signal Detection
    Car Movement Detection

Additional Features:

    Parking Watcher
    3 Years of Map Updates at No Charge
    Road Creator – Automatically generates new roads on the map as you drive.
    Fastest Route Search

Estimated cost :  cost ¥300,000 and ¥320,000 ($3,770 and $4,021)

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